OGC provides legal advice and assistance to Members, committees, officers and employees of the House, without regard to political affiliation, on matters related to their official duties.  OGC represents Members, committees, officers and employees, both as parties and witnesses, in litigation and in connection with requests for information arising from or relating to the performance of their official duties and responsibilities.  OGC also represents the House itself in litigation, both as a party and as amicus curiae in cases in which the House has an institutional interest.  Learn more about OGC by exploring the topics below:

OGC Staff: Meet OGC's legal team.

Prior General Counsels: See who previously served as the General Counsel.

Statutory Authorization: Read the statute granting OGC attorneys certain rights to practice in the nation's courts.

Rules of the House of Representatives: Read the Rule of the House of Representatives establishing OGC and the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group.